Recent Tax Court decision could wreak ha

Glover v. Comm, a recent tax court decision, presents several issues to Merchant Mariners. Mr. Glover worked for Reinauer Transportation. His tugs pushed oil coastwise as far as Virginia. The tugs wou

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Recent Tax Court decision could wreak havoc on Mariners

State Taxes and Mariners

Suz asked this question So, what about if you live in one state (TN) and work as a merchant mariner in another state (HI), 45 days on/45 days off rotation? Do you pay HI state taxes, or does the payro

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State Taxes and Mariners

Mariner Tax Update January 2011

E-Filing alert! How many times have you read that mariners cannot E-File? How many websites have posted this. Year after year. And then all of a sudden preparers start proclaiming “mariners can

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Mariner Tax Update January 2011

Employee vs. Non-Employee LLC and S-Corp

I’ve been a client of yours for a few years now and I had a general tax question concerning my wife’s job status. She currently works full time for a marketing firm in “Deleted”

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Employee vs. Non-Employee LLC and S-Corp Planning for Mariners and their families

Maritime Tax Preparers and the Alternati

What they don’t want you to know… This video points out the tremendous effect of the AMT on merchant mariners. Seamen taking business deductions and offsets may very well be realizing litt

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Maritime Tax Preparers and the Alternative Minimum Tax

Hey Sailor, It’s Not a Tax Deduction

by on November 23, 2009 at 7:16 pm

Need A Degree to deduct Sex Therapy…

Here’s something that’s been all over the net (special shoutout to Joe Kristan at Roth & Co.). A tax lawyer in New York, who has been practicing for more than 40 years (which puts him well into his 70s), attempted to deduct the costs of prostitutes, porno, and literature on sex therapy.

When the IRS denied the deductions, “Willie” went to the Tax Court to fight the fine. (According to court records, his name is actually William. But, come on, this thing just begs for “Willie.”)

Now, I can rant about what a waste of court time and taxpayer expense this is. But what fun is that?

It seems our friend, Willie, actually kept records of his sex transactions. In court, he didn’t argue that his deductions were legal. He argued that his “therapy” had such positive health effects that he should get the deductions anyway.

I would argue that his preoccupation with his willie has gone too far. I mean, he had the temerity to claim more than $100,000 over two years on his self-proclaimed medical deductions?

As I said, lots of people have already weighed in on this case. But here’s my two cents: I keep saying that tax law is a truly funny subject worthy of great attention because you just can’t make this stuff up. Thanks, Willie, for more evidence that I’m right.

via tax.com: Hey Sailor, It’s Not a Tax Deduction.

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